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(2014佛山二模)In sixth grade my social studies teacher showed us slides of his trip to attractive Egypt. I always considered it 16 ________ (attract), but I had never even dreamed that someday I would take my own photos of the Pyramids. started And then one day I 17 ________(start) to study French as a foreign language. It’s a language that pushed me into the world 18 ________I learned that I could manage fine where regardless of any language barriers.

19 Although _________ my French still wasn’t great in university, it was obviously good enough that the girl named Lisa made the 20 decision ________(decide) that I should be her study partner. While French itself didn’t really meeting (meet) Lisa did. change my life, 21 _______ She came from a family that traveled, and she convinced me that I should see France 22 _____ and see the world.

we And so on January 26, 1993, 23 ____ stood together in the immigration line waiting for those fateful passport stamps. Little did I know that we’d be standing in the same line in another dozen of 24 ______ countries that year and that later I’d still be standing in more than 100 countries all 25 ____________ over /around the globe.

(十二)本文作者告诉我们,作者遇到莉莎后改变 了自己的生活,从此周游世界。 16. attractive 作替代Egypt的it的补足语,即作宾 补,要用形容词。 17. started 在主格人称代词I后,应是谓语动词; 根据and then one day和下文的learned可知,用一 般过去时。 18. where 引导定语从句,先行词是the world。 19. Although 因my French still wasn’t great…与it was obviously good enough …两句之间没有关联 词,应填关联词;根据两句之间的逻辑关系,应 填表示“虽然”的关联词。

20. decision 在the后应填名词,作made的宾语, make the decision意为“作出这项决定”。 21. meeting 动名词短语作主语。 22. and 因see French与see the world为并列关 系。 23. we 谓语动词stood前应填作主语的代词, 由上下文可知是指I与Lisa,即“我们(we)”。 24. the 因same前面习惯上要用the,即the same总是同时出现。 25. over /around 固定短语,all over the globe 或all around the globe表示“全世界”。


(2014茂名一模)When I was a child in 1970s, my family was very poor, just like other average families in the countryside. The second-hand clothes, rain-leaking roof of old house became part of 16 ______ my memory. impression However, the worst 17____________(impress) is that I was feeling hungry all the time. Sometimes hunger bit me so severely 18 ______ that I regarded dried sweet potato slices as delicious snack. At that time, my dream was getting enough to fill my empty stomach.

In the early years of 1980s, as the reform was carried (carry) and opening-up policy 19 ___________ out, my childhood dream came true. And then, 20 another _______ dream became clearer and clearer in my mind. I must try my best to escape out of my poor and backward hometown. I harder worked 21 ________(hard) at my study than most of my classmates, and, after luckily 22 succeeding ___________(succeed) in the national college entrance examination, I realized my dream again: after graduation, I became a citizen working in a city.

23 ______ the first college graduate out of a As an remote village, my success set 24 _______ example to my folks. They came to realize that schooling is a good way to change one’s fate(命运). In the following years, there were fewer drop-outs and more college which I am graduates in my village, of 25 ______ proud even today.

(十三)本文叙述自己实现儿时梦想的经历。 16. my 在名词前应填限定词,由前句可知,这 里是指“我的记忆”,故填my。 17. impression 作主语或者说在“冠词+形容词” 之后,一定是填名词。 18. that 构成so…that…句型,引导结果状语从 句。 19. was carried 在as引导的状语从句中作谓语, 因“政策”与“实行”是被动关系,二十世纪 八十年代显然是过去,故用一般过去时的被动 语态。 20. another 因相对于“吃饱”,“离开贫穷落 后的家乡”是我的“另一个”梦想。

21. harder 由后面的than可知,hard要用比 较级。 22. succeeding 在介词after后作宾语,要用 动名词。 23. As 空格后面是名词在句中不作任何句子 成份,可知它必定是作介词的宾语,即空格 应填介词,由语境可知,应是“作为”偏远 山村的第一个大学毕业生,故填As。 24. an 因set an example to sb. (给某人树立 榜样)是个固定词组。 25. which 此处是介词+which引导非限制性 定语从句。


(2014茂名二模) The local elementary school had just let out and I found myself behind a school bus as I was driving home. stopped The bus 16 _________(stop) by a house sitting on top of a hill. A little girl no more than seven years old jumped down the bus steps and started running up the driveway toward the house. I looked up the hill to see 17 _______she where was going and saw her Dad waiting for her. As she got closer and closer her Dad smiled and knelt down to greet her.

The second she got to him he folded her in his powerful arms and gave her a 18 ______ huge hug. My eyes watered a bit as I watched this scene and remembered all the times 19 when my own children had ran into my ______ smiling arms with 20 ________(smile) faces. Every them was a fountain single hug from 21 _______ of youth and a treasure of joy.

My lovely trip down memory lane was behind interrupted when I heard the car 22 _____ the me sound its horn (喇叭). I saw 23 ____ school bus quickly pulling away. I started to lighter follow it again with a 24 ________ (light) spirit than I had before. I took that safely beautiful moment and stored it 25 _____ (safe) in my soul where I knew it would remain forever.

(十四)本文讲一个父亲接女儿放学的 故事,作者触景生情,回想到了自己与孩 子相处的场景,展现了一幅父母与孩子和 谐相处的温馨画面。 16. stopped 本句讲述的是一个过去的事件, 故用一般过去式,注意句中的by应作 “在…旁边”解,而不是引出动作的执行 者。 17. where 根据后面的going可知,要填一 个表示地点的连接副词,引导宾语从句。 18. his 回指作主语的人称代词he。

19. when 先行词为times,且在从句中作 状语,故填关系副词when。 20. smiling 中心词faces与定语“微笑”是 主谓关系,故用现在分词。 21. them 回指children。 22. behind 表示“在……后面”。 23. the 特指前面提到的那一辆校车。 24. lighter 由后面的than可知,此处要填 比较级。 25. safely 修饰动词stored,故用副词。


(2014揭阳一模) People in communities have slowly been pushed apart through the years, mostly because people simply aren’t taking the time to say a simple “hello”. After considering this phenomenon, I decided I was going to change the way I got on 16 _______ with others. My opportunity came one morning when I was in the community library.

who I passed by a girl 17 _____dropped her books Thinking out of her locker. 18 ________ (think) that someone else would help her pick them up, I my However, when I continued 19 _______way. had to go back 20 ________ I forgot my book, because I noticed she had just finished picking them up by herself. No one had stopped 21 to help _______ (help) her. “OK,” I thought to myself, “this is where I should have changed.”

My best opportunity came a few days later when I saw a man sitting by himself waiting for the library to open, so I sat began (begin) down next to him and 22 ________ a conversation. 23 ____ It was difficult to get started, and even when I had to say goodbye, almost every response from my new friend had a tone (语气) of doubt in it. And who could blame him?

an People aren’t used to making 24 ____ unprepared chat with a stranger. But a change, no matter how desperately it is needed, doesn’t just happen. It takes people like us to make it possible. I advise you to take a small step out of your comfort zone and try to make someone’s day a little 25 brighter (bright) .Together, we can really _________ make our society come closer as a whole.

(十五)作者认为社区里人与人之间的关系越 来越淡漠,因此他想做些改变,可收效甚微。 16. with 根据搭配get on with(与……相处)可知。 17. who 引导定语从句修饰前面的girl。 18. Thinking 现在分词作状语,此处表原因。 19. my 指作者继续走(我的)路。 20. because 后面是说明“我”回来的原因,故填 because。 21. to help 不定式作状语,表目的。 22. began 叙述过去发生的事情,用过去时态。 23. It 这里的it作形式主语。 24. an 这里的an表示“一次”。 25. brighter 根据语境及前面的a little可知用比较 级。


(2013年广州二模) It was my first trip to was walking India, alone. One day, as I 16 __________ (walk) through a local market, a ten-yearold boy came over and begged me to buy a book, 17 which _____had the words “Interesting India” on its cover. I bought it, thinking that when I returned home it would remind of me 18 ____my wonderful Indian adventure.

The book claimed that India’s people were very welcoming of tourists, and never tried 19 _______ to cheat (cheat) them. As I read I felt deeply touched by these warm words. Suddenly, a monkey came down from a nearby tree, snatched the book from my it away, along with my hand and took 20 ___ bag which contained all my belongings.

but stand and I couldn’t do anything 21 ____ stare. Then a man approached me and asked 22 __________ whether/ if I wanted my belongings back. He said it would cost me five US dollars. I had no other choice 23 _____ left (leave), so I agreed to pay, but only after my bag was returned.

He blew a whistle and the monkey immediately threw the bag down. I picked it up and gave him the money. I later learned that 24 the/that ______man made his living this way: tricking tourists. This was the 25 worst _______(bad) thing I ever experienced in “Interesting India”.

(十六) 本文讲述了作者第一次去印度旅行所发 生的一件事。 16. was walking 根据时间One day 和后面的时 态提示,这里应填与过去相关的时态,再根据as 引导的时间状语从句,这里应用过去进行时,表 示在过去某一时间正在发生的事。 17. which 引导非限制性定语从句,并在从句中 作主语。 18. of 因remind sb. of sth. 表示“提醒某人某 事”,是固定搭配。 19. to cheat 因try to do sth.表示“试图做某事”, try doing 表示“试着做某事,看效果如何”,这 里的意思是印度人非常好客,绝不会试图欺骗他 们,故要填to cheat。

20. it 作宾语要填代词,用it指代前面提到的the book。 21. but 因can’t do anything but do 与can do nothing but do 和have no choice but to do 都属固 定用法,表示“什么也不能做,只能……”。 22. whether/ if 引导宾语从句,表“是否”,可 填whether或if 。 23. left 该句的名词choice后用过去分词left修饰, 作定语,意为“剩余的选择”。 24. the/ that 考查冠词或指示代词的用法,特指 第二段第三句中提到的a man。 25. worst 根据句意这里应填bad的最高级形式, 表示:我在“有趣的印度”所经历的最糟糕的事。


Each story is different. Some are detailed; others are unclear. Some have a beginning, others wander without a middle and end; 16_____ clear conclusion. Yet all those things do not really matter. 17_____ What matters to the storyteller is that the story is heard—without 18___________ interruption (interrupt), statement or judgment. Listening to someone’s story costs 19______ less (little) than expensive diagnostic testing but is key to healing and analysis.

I often thought of what a woman once myself of the taught me, and I reminded 20______ importance of stopping, sitting down and truly (true) listening. 21_______ I am a doctor. And, not long after, in an unexpected twist(扭伤), I became 22____ the patient, with a judgment of numerous sclerosis(细胞壁硬化)at age 31. Now, 20 years later, I sit all the time — in a wheelchair.

For as long as I could, I continued to see patients from my chair, 23 ____ but I had to quit when my hands 24 were ___________ affected (affect). I still teach medical students and other health care professionals, but now 25_____ from the viewpoint of a physician and patient, I tell them I believe in the power of listening and tell them I know that vast healing takes place within me when someone stops, sits down and listens to my story.

(十七)此文为一篇哲理性文章,文中讲述了作 者自身的经历:一次意外的扭伤导致人生的变故, 从而让他明白了人生如同讲故事,重要的是别人 肯停下来聆听你的故事。 16. others 此处是排比句,由前两句Some are detailed; others are unclear 就不难猜出此空的答 案为others。 17. What 此空从语法角度上考查名词性从句中 的主语从句;该从句缺少表“东西”的主语。 18. interruption 介词without后面加名词形式, 后面两个名词statement or judgment也预示这一 空要填名词。 19. less 后面有一个连词than,很明显填little的 比较级less。

20. myself 此题考查固定短语remind sb. of sth., 意为:“我提醒我自己停下来、坐下来认真聆听 的重要性。” 21. truly 修饰动词listening,意为“认真聆听”。 22. an 为“一次意外的扭伤”。 23. but 此处与前面的表述有转折之意,作者是 医生,但在他31岁时因为一次意外的扭伤,患上 了细胞壁硬化疾病,但他仍然继续从医,在从医 的过程中却因为他自己僵化的手而不得不停下来。 24. were affected 此空考查谓语动词的被动结 构,在when引导的时间状语从句中作谓语。 25. from 作者既是医生同时又是个病人,作者 认为从他双重身份的观点出发。

(十八) (2012年茂名二模)I was feeling sad because

my mother was out of job. It left me wondering 16 what ____was going to happen to us. I got off the college shuttle bus and started walking. Then I heard piano music and singing rising above the noise of the people and the traffic. I walked much slower (slow) so I could find out where it 17______ was coming 18______. from Through the crowd I saw a young lady sitting at a piano with a carriage next to her.

She was singing songs 19_____ about love. The way she was singing comforted me a bit. I stood there 20________ watching (watch) her play for about it must fifteen minutes, thinking that 21___ take courage to perform on her own in the middle of a crowd. She must have felt my presence because she would occasionally look in my direction.

By now I was telling 22______ myself that if she could perform in front of hundreds of people 23_____ she didn’t know, I could at least tell who her how good she sounded. I walked over, 24____ (put) some money in her carriage put and said, “Thank you. I have been going through a rough time lately, but you’ve hopeful made me 25_______ (hope) again.”

(十八) 作者因为母亲失业了而感到忧伤,但当 他听了街头一位年轻女士弹奏的钢琴后,又充满 了希望。 16. what 引导宾语从句,作从句的主语。 17. slower 根据语境及空前的much可知用比较级。 18. from 由come可知填from。 19. about 此处about意为“关于”。 20. watching 现在分词作状语,表伴随。 21. it 作形式主语,后面的不定式是真正的主语。 22. myself 主语的反身代词作宾语。 23. whom 引导定语从句修饰前面的people。 24. put 这里walked, put and said是三个并列的 谓语动词。 25. hopeful 形容词作补语。

(十九) (2011年深圳二模) Some people live in the

world for body while others for dignity. I once took a walk along the street on a with a Pepsi can in my Saturday dusk, 16 _____ hand. An old woman in ragged clothes, 17_____ who was living on collecting used cans, jars and tins, moved slowly towards me, with Walking (walk) nearer, a bag on the back! 18 _______ she looked up at me and then fixed her eyes on my can. At that time, I hadn’t finished my cola, so I gave 19_____ her several coins instead.

She stared at me 20 ____ for a few seconds and handed back the money. Quite confused, I asked: “Why not? Isn’t that 21______ you what want?” seriously “I am not a beggar,” she said 22______ (serious), word by word. Instantly, I felt so sorry. I 23____________ had intended (intend) to help her,completely misunderstanding her. Thus I hurt her.

What I could do at that moment was only to drink up the cola and handed her 24______ the emptied can. This time,she gave me a smile with 25 ___________ satisfaction (satisfy) and gratitude in her eyes. The woman is poor in material life but is so respectable as a man. I am not only moved but also have learned a good lesson.

(十九) 本文讲述了作者和一位以捡垃圾为生 的老妇人之间的故事,作者从中领悟到了如何保 持做人的尊严。 16. with with 短语表伴随。 17. who 先行词是An old woman,后面的定语 从句缺主语,因此填who。 18. Walking 现在分词作状语表示伴随。其逻 辑主语是句子主语she。 19. her 代词作宾语,根据语境可知填her。

20. for “for + some time”是常见搭配。 21. what 表语从句缺宾语,故填what。 22. seriously 修饰动词要用副词,故填 seriously。 23. had intended 此处需用过去完成时表示 “原打算”。 24. the 特指“作者喝完可乐的那个空罐子” 。 25.satisfaction 介词with后接名词构成短语作 状语。